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The principal owner of the EDI Center, Cathy Mueller, has been in the EDI industry since 1990. No longer providing direct consulting herself, Cathy has maintained relationships with some of the most capable EDI technicians in our industry. All are highly experienced, have been working independently for more than a decade and work with the knowledge, integrity, and ethics of a professional. If you have an in-house EDI project whether it is a new implementation, support for an existing EDI system, or expansion to new trading partners, we will do our best to help you locate an experienced professional.

EDI Consultant Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles based EDI consultant, Roger, has been in business for over 25 years. He is well versed in EDI for suppliers and has worked in both the general merchandise supply chain as well as grocery suppliers. Roger has also worked with some major warehouses to implement EDI and with several clients in the transportation industry. Roger has experience with traditional EDI VAN's as well as EDI-Internet and security. Roger has in depth experience with all Inovis EDI translation software, as well as Softshare EDI products. He also works with several major ERP systems including PeopleSoft, Oracle, and SAP.

If you would like to get in touch with Roger, just send us an email and we will check his availability and get back to you promptly.

EDI Consultant IBM WebSphere WTX

Rebecca has worked with the Mercator EDI products since their offering in the 1990's from TSI International. Mercator was supported by Emanio, then Ascential, and then finally found a home at IBM and became the IBM WebSphere DataStage TX product then renamed to WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX).  Rebecca provides system integration, data mapping and EDI services for WTX and Emanio Trading Partner PC.

If you would like to get in touch with Rebecca, just send us an email and we will check her availability and get back to you promptly.



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