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EDI In Retail

EDI In Retail

Retail businesses have been exchanging documents electronically for over 40 years.  The first standards were laid out during the 1980's with the formation of ANSI X12 and the VICS EDI Retail Users Group. During the 1990's, the major retail hubs encouraged participation throughout the supply chain by supporting standards, offering education through trading partner conferences, providing implementation assistance via the value added networks, and encouraging compliance via chargebacks for non-compliance.  

Although there has been much talk of replacing EDI with XML or VAN's with the Internet, the reality of today's EDI implementations is that the original standards are still viable and heavily implemented throughout the retail industry.  Millions of EDI transactions pass between retailers and their supply chain every day.  Some of these transactions travel through traditional Value Added Networks, some are exchanged over the Internet, and some are sent with direct connections.

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