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EDI Directory: EDI Consultants

The EDI Directory lists some of the most experienced EDI consultants in the industry.

If you are looking for assistance in finding the right EDI company or EDI consultant for the job, the EDI Center can assist you. Take a look at the list below or contact us for a referral.

  • Amosoft EDI Services & Solutions - specializing in providing EDI solutions, including sending, receiving, and processing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions. EDI Integration with QuickBooks, PeachTree and SAP. Web-Based EDI solutions, EDI consulting.
  • B2 Integration - provides professional services including ERP integration, EDI, and business intelligence. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Data Communication Solutions, Inc. - Electronic Data Interchange mapping, upgrades, training, and trouble shooting. Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
  • - Managed EDI Services - innovative leaders of managed EDI support services and EDI consulting, providing exceptional functionality and stability from current in-house solutions, and offering a web-based form-oriented enablement solution.
  • EDI Academy - offers EDI training including an Introduction to EDI, EDI Communications Methods, Business Analysis and Mapping, and Strategies for Successful EDI Implementation.
  • REMEDI - for over ten years has assisted companies with their EDI and EAI efforts from software selection to implementation and support. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Sitcur - provides e-business solutions with integrity. Experienced in EDI, XML, AS2, and RFID. Los Angeles, California.





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