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EDI, Electronic Data Interchange - There are a lot of acronyms in this industry. Definitions for the common ones can be found here.

  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute - national standards organization for the United States.
  • AS1 - Applicability Statement 1 - standard defined by EDIINT for transmitting EDI documents securely using SMTP.
  • AS2 - Applicability Statement 2 - provides Secure Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions S/MIME and uses HTTP or HTTPS to transmit data over the Internet, allowing communications in real time.
  • AS3 - Applicability Statement 3 - provides secure EDI transmissions using FTP.  This standard is still under development by EDIINT.
  • ASC X12 - Accredited Standards Committee X12 - Standards defining the structure, format, and content of EDI business transactions.
  • ASN - Advanced Ship Notice, 856 transaction set.
  • DISA - Data Interchange Standards Association. Organization responsible for the administrative duties of the ANSI ASC X12 subcommittee.
  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, the computer to computer exchange of business documents in a structured format.
  • EDIINT - EDI Over the Internet, a working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that develops secure and reliable business communications standards including AS1, AS2, and AS3.
  • EPC - Electronic Product Code - used in conjunction with RFID implementations, it contains more data than a UPC including information about the manufacturer, product category, and individual item (including serial number).
  • GTIN - Global Trade Item Number - 14 digit bar code format used to identify an item.
  • Hub - Large organizations that encourage their trading partners to use EDI. The analogy is a hub and spoke relationship.
  • Mapping - The process of defining the standard data elements in an EDI transaction set and identifying their relationship to the application data elements.
  • RFID - Radio Frequency Identification - a radio transmitter chip attached to items for purposes of identification.
  • Trading Partner - The sending and/or receiving party involved in the exchange of EDI transmissions.
  • Transaction Set - The EDI format for a business document such as a purchase order or invoice.
  • Translator - Software that is used to convert standardized EDI data to a data format for use by business applications.
  • UCC-128 Label
  • UCS - Uniform Communication Standard. Standards for EDI developed by and for the grocery industry.
  • UPC - Universal Product Code.
  • VAN - Value Added Network. Provides communications services, store and forward mailboxes, security, and trading partner testing.
  • VAN Interconnect - When an EDI transaction passes through two VAN's to get to the final destination, the connection is referred to as an interconnect.
  • VICS - Voluntary Inter-industry Communications Standards - ASC X12 standards applied to retail.



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