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EDI Training

Group EDI Training Classes

For many years, the EDI Center provided group and on-site EDI training classes in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. The curriculum was shared with the EDI Academy which expanded the reach of classes by traveling throughout the United States.  The EDI Academy also expanded the content from a one day course to a more intensive two day course.

The EDI Center has partnered with the EDI Academy to provide EDI Training classes throughout the United States. The EDI Academy offers a 2 day course entitled EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices which covers:

  • History and Origin of EDI
  • Major EDI Advances
  • How EDI is applied in various Industries
  • EDI Business Needs
  • EDI Standards ANSI X12, EDIFACT
  • EDI Components
  • EDI Communications
  • Document Tracking and Monitoring
  • EDI Software and Hardware Technology Options for Communications
  • EDI Mapping and Translation
  • Analyzing EDI Requirements
  • Sample Data Conversions
  • Common Mapping Barriers
  • Business Application Integration
  • EDI Implementation Scenarios
  • Working with EDI Providers
  • Trading Partner Community Roll Out

Visit the EDI Academy website for the class schedule and to receive a discounted rate on all classes!

On-Site EDI Training Classes

Onsite classes are ideal when you have multiple students to train. They can be set up in your conference room and can be fine tuned to your EDI trading partner environment. Please send an email with your location, number of students, any trading partner issues, and timeframe and we'll get back to you with a quote.



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